Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Balm - Grass Is(n't) Always Greener

I was fortunate enough to receive a MyGlam bag for the month of January, and to my surprise- it included a full size (0.5 fl oz) polish from The Balm!  I had never tried their polishes before so I was thrilled!  Judging by the color shown in the bottle, I was surprised to see the word "grass" in its name as this is a rather dark green.

Grass Is(n't) Always Greener
As with any darker shade of green, this polish gave me a horrible case of lobster hands.  I have high expectations for any polish that falls in the 10 - 15 dollar range (The Balm's polishes retail for $10) and I feel this polish meets my expectations.  It is very creamy and opaque, only requiring 2 coats.  The brush is nice, no stray hairs.  In terms of size, I would compare it to an Essie brush, yet slightly longer.  Those who have slimmer nails may appreciate a smaller brush, but those who have wider nails may find this brush style a bit tedious.  There is a pin-up style woman portrayed on the front of the bottle, which I thought was adorable.

My only real complaint about this product would be the two hard to remove stickers found on the back of the bottle and also on the brush handle- but perhaps that's just a personal pet peeve of mine.  Over all, I like this product a lot and would repurchase in a different color :)

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