Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hits No Olimpo Collection - Zeus

Zeus may be one of my most favorite polishes, ever!  It is part of an amazing holographic collection called No Olimpo by Hits.  I had been searching around for a really awesome dark holo, and was totally bummed out that I had missed my opportunity for an original My Private Jet.. But then Zeus came along and turned my frown upside down!  Zeus is a drop dead gorgeous charcoal holo.  Here's a shade picture to give an accurate representation of the base color...

Zeus - 2 coats (shade)
To get this polish 100% opaque, you may need 3 coats.  I typically prefer to do 1-2 coats over black to ration this ity bity bottle- its only 6ml!  Okay, onto the holo spam!

And lastly.. A close up:

Hits is a Brazilian company, so to avoid paying big bucks for shipping, I recommend purchasing the No Olimpo Collection on Llarowe's website :)

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