Friday, January 27, 2012

Julep Review - Leah & Megan

I'll save my Julep review until the end... Time for swatches!

Absolutely love this one!  Finally, a green that doesn't give me a horrible case of lobster hands!  This color is absolutely gorgeous- a bright, grass green with a slight shimmer running through it.  I've only worn this once, and already received a compliment from a complete stranger.

Really not a fan of this one.  Julep describes it as a "Mediterranean aquamarine shimmer", but this seems a bit too dark to fit the "aquamarine" description.  While this color does have shimmer running through it, I find it to be downright frosty.  I typically don't enjoy frost colors because they are often times very streaky and leave behind visible brush strokes- Megan is no exception.

Onto my review of Julep in general... Formula of their polishes seems to be pleasant, a little on the thinner side, yet still very opaque and only requires 2-3 coats.  The brush size is nice, I'd say it is slightly larger than an Essie brush, and there were no stray hairs. 

 While I like the brush, the brush stem is really long.  This allows lots of polish to collect on the brush stem, and drip down onto your brush.  Using Hayden was the first time I've ever dripped polish on anything- fortunately it was just on my hand (phew!).  I do realize that the brush stem length is directly related to how tall and slender Julep's bottles are, which leads me to my next topic...

While I think the tall, slender Julep bottles are aesthetically pleasing, I find them to ultimately fall in the "cons" list.  A tall, slender bottle requires a long and annoying brush stem, and it also leaves you with literally half the amount of polish that you would find in your average full size polish.  This wouldn't bother me if the price reflected the polish size- at $14 for a half bottle of polish, I don't picture myself ever purchasing these polishes outside of the Maven program.

I may be tempted to purchase another Maven box in the future, but only if I am really intrigued by the colors.  I did skip the February's box because I wasn't really digging the color selections (copper, gold & navy? No thanks) but I'm not going to cancel my account just yet.

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