Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Work Appropriate Wednesday! "Tickle My France-y"

I love to see polishes that others find to be "work appropriate", so I thought I would post some of my own every Wednesday.  Unfortunately, not everyone has a job that allows them to wear screaming neon colors on their nails- and I cringe at the thought of jobs that don't allow polish at all, it just seems cruel!

OPI - Tickle My France-y

This is one of my go-to work appropriate polishes.  It is a perfectly nude cream, yet doesn't remind me of foundation.  It is super glossy, and would look amazing on any skin tone.  The formula on this one is perfect; very pigmented, applies evenly and only two coats are necessary.  I tend to do three (as I did for the photo) out of habit.  Better yet, "Tickle My France-y" is part of OPI's permanent line, and can be found in stores easily- no E-Bay stalking required!

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