Wednesday, February 29, 2012

China Glaze Electropop (Part 2 - Fail)

I have two polishes to share today, and I completely regret purchasing both of them.  While their colors are beautiful, their formulas are obnoxious.  Both of them are easily duped so there is no reason to put up with such thick, gloopy formulas - shame on you China Glaze!

"Dance Baby" is by far my least favorite.  I have swatched this polish 3 times and always get the same results- thick looking nails.  While this polish is very pigmented, it is also very thick and draggy which leaves lots of bald spots.  Having to use multiple coats of such a thick polish makes it almost impossible for it to dry.  I'm hoping that perhaps I just got a bad bottle, because I can see most people being disappointed by "Dance Baby".

Dance Baby

"Aquadelic" is almost equally as annoying as "Dance Baby".  It isn't quite as thick, but has the same dragging issues.  It just doesn't seem to want to spread across the nail.

I will keep these polishes for nail art purposes, or perhaps some day I'll try using some polish thinner on them.  I don't even want to give these away because they're just so disappointing.

Has anyone else had issues with these two polishes?

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