Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Finger Paints & Cheap Glitter

I found a nice little gem at the dollar store!  Sometimes I can't help but to stroll down the nail polish aisle, and surprisingly an LA Colors polish caught my eye.  Typically, I don't like their polishes because they can be very thick and stringy, but this glitter is different!  It is in a thin, clear base, and is jam packed with different sized silver glitter.  There are tiny silver glitter, and also large, hexagon glitter.

First, I started out with "Black Expressionism" by Finger Paints, which might be the best black polish I've ever used.  It only requires one coat- no joke.

Finger Paints - Black Expressionism

Then, I added just one coat of the LA colors silver glitter- it has no name that I can find, sorry!

I think this was a really nice dollar store find, I can't wait to play around with it some more!


  1. That black is blowing me away...One coat?? No way...I've gotta try this!
    Lovely glitter!

    1. Yup! Only one medium coat is all you need, or two thin ones :) Never knew I would love a black polish so much lol


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