Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sinful Colors Mini Haul

This week's Sinful Colors sale (99 cents!) at Walgreens has been haunting me for the past several days.  I was going to resist (because I'm kind of a polish snob) but after seeing a zillion blog posts about it, I caved and made the trip to Walgreens.  I didn't have any specific colors in mind except for "Cinderella" which seems to have gotten a lot of attention lately. 

I have this weird rule about nail polish brands- I can't just have one or two of a specific brand, I need to have at least 4.  So, I ended up buying 5 Sinful Colors polishes, including the very last "Cinderella"!

     Let's Talk    -     Oasis    -    Cinderella    -   Mint Apple   -   Island Coral
While these colors looks gorgeous in their bottles, I must admit- I do not have high hopes for them.  Seriously, how good can a $1.99 polish be?  Swatches coming soon!

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