Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sinful Colors Swatches (Part 1)

I've been playing around with my newly purchased Sinful Colors polishes, and figured I'd start off with swatches of the three most pigmented out of my group of five.  I'll save annoying sheer swatches for another day.

Island Coral  
First up is "Island Coral ".  This is a really pretty bright orangey coral.  Formula on this color is pretty decent, its a bit thin and required 3 coats.  Perhaps if you were careful you could get away with two, but I still had a few sheer patches after the second coat.

Really liking "Oasis"!  It is a bright pink with purple/blue shimmer- not very unique, but still very pretty.  Formula was pretty good, quite thin but very pigmented.  I only needed 2 coats.

Let's Talk

Last is "Let's Talk".  I'm extremely disappointed with my photos of this color, it looks so darn blue in every picture!  "Let's Talk" is actually a very lovely dark purple with blue/purple & pink shimmer.  This might be my favorite out of five polishes I purchased, not just because the color is gorgeous, but also because the formula was easy to work with- I only needed two coats, and perhaps could have gotten away with one thick coat.

Over all, I feel pleased with my Sinful Colors purchase, especially at 99cents each.  I'm not sure if I'd be willing to purchase these in the future as their formulas seem to be hit and miss.  Some are opaque while others are quite sheer, but they all seem to be thin and runny which requires a lot more cleanup than I'm used to.

I will post swatches of "Cinderella" and "Mint Apple" soon!


  1. I have been debating on getting Island Coral(I know right, debating on 2 bucks...Psh)

    I will be getting it now! =D

    1. Aw, cool! I really do like Island Coral quite a bit :) It'll make a really pretty summer shade.


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