Thursday, March 15, 2012

Color Club - Back to Boho Collection (Part 1)

Today I have some swatches of Color Club's Back to Boho collection which was released for fall 2011.  I picked these up as part of my Ross Haul and I am totally loving them!  Instead of repeating myself for each swatch, I'll just say now that their formulas are awesome and only required 2 coats each.

New Bohemian
This color is so beautiful, and really surprises me to find it as part of a fall collection.  This polish strikes me as a spring/summer type color.  Perhaps I'll use it for some Easter themed nail art! 

Shabby Drab
Another awesome color!  I love how glossy this one is.  My photo brings out the more blue side of this shade, but in person it is a bit more purple.  It really reminds me of Sinful Colors Zeus that I just picked up, except without any shimmer.

Earthy Angel
In the bottle, this one looks a little gross, but once applied I actually really liked it.  It is a really pretty camel color that would look amazing on someone with a darker skin tone than myself.

I am so stoked to have added these to my collection, and I am falling so deeply in love with Color Club!  I will swatch the rest of this collection soon :)


  1. I just had a Ross Haul and picked up the same collection! I also forgot to tell you that I passes an award on to you! The Laine Award, I posted the rules a couple days ago! :)

  2. I really like the Earthy Angel.


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