Saturday, March 10, 2012

Coral & Purple Summer Nails!

I am SO ready for warm weather to get here, so today I decided to play with some fun summer colors.  This mani looks much better in person, the colors compliment each other really well.  Unfortunately, the purple shows up rather blue in photos.

Sinful Colors "Island Coral" & OPI "Do You Lilac It?"

 "Do You Lilac It?" always reminds me of my first Christmas with my boyfriend.  I had been looking for a bottle all summer and fall, but it was always sold out.  My lovely boyfriend took it upon himself to find it and gave it to me for Christmas.  He actually listened to me babble on about nail polish, and he even remembered months later.  Seriously... How amazing is that?


  1. Do You Lilac It? was one of the first polishes that had me raving about it to my friends. I got it as a pedicure and HAD to have it... I stalked my Ulta until I got a bottle. <3

    1. Such an awesome polish, definitely one of my favorites. We've got good taste! lol

  2. I'm also ready for warm weather :).
    Beautiful combo!

  3. Love this color combo! Very summery!

  4. I love the contrast with these colors. Very spring-y!

  5. so pretty! i love the color combo

  6. These go great together. Reminds me how close spring/summer is!


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