Friday, March 9, 2012

Every Day Makeup: Shimmering Green & Brown

In addition to my love for all things nail polish, I also have a passion for makeup.  I suppose I've been a little burned out with nail polish lately, as all my recent nail art has been disastrous!  So today, I'm going to mix things up a little bit and post one of my favorite every day makeup looks.  When I want to do something special with my makeup, these are color combinations I often turn to.  I tend to keep this look pretty simple so I've skipped on liquid liner, concealer, high lighters, contouring, etc.

Products Used:

MAC "Bisque" (brow bone)
MAC "Club"  (lid & crease)
Urban Decay "Absolem" (lid, over "Club")
Avon Khol Pencil "Dark Brown" (waterline)

Makeup Forever HD Foundation #117
E.L.F Studio Blush "Candid Coral"
L'Oreal Sheer Lipstick "Barely Rose"

Perhaps I will find the courage to post more of my favorite makeup looks in the future :)


  1. This look is so simple, but very pretty!

    I love wearing green shadows, it compliments my skin tone so well. I worry sometimes that it will take away from my green eyes, but somehow it doesn't! I wear purples and nudes a lot too.

    1. Thanks so much!

      I'm a huge fan of purples and nudes as well :) I often wear a shimmery taupe shadow with a dark plum eyeliner, its one of my favorite combos :)


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