Sunday, March 11, 2012

March Glam Bag

Yesterday,  I received my third Glam Bag.  If you're unfamiliar with the MyGlam program, it is a monthly subscription similar to Birchbox.  Glam Bags are supposed to contain 4-5 deluxe or full size makeup/hair/skin care products.  Subscriptions are $10 per month.  As usual, my Glam Bag was shipped in cute, shiny packaging.

It seems a lot of people are unimpressed with the amount of makeup in the last few Glam Bags, and I hate to say it, but I'm starting to agree.  Also, I do not feel MyGlam held up their promise of 4-5 deluxe/full sized products this time around.  That being said, here are the contents:

Canvas Floral Makeup Bag
Keracolor Color Enhancing Leave-In Treatment (2 single use packets)
Murad Eye Lift Perfector (single use packet)
Pur-Lisse Lip Comfort (full size)
Pur-Lisse Essential Daily Moisturizer (single use packet)
MyGlam fluffy eyeshadow brush with matching case
Dermstore $25 Gift Card (Not actually a gift card!  Requires $50 purchase)

In my opinion, this bag included 2 deluxe/full sized products; a lip treatment, and a no-name brand makeup brush.  I guess the big question is; was this bag worth $10?  In my opinion... Meh, I guess so.

I've also just gotta say- I don't like the whole coupon being labeled as a "Gift Card" trend.  It feels a little insulting and gimmicky.  But hey, Dermstore does sell Butter London, so perhaps I'll use it eventually.

Over all, I really do like MyGlam, and I have enjoyed previous months.  I will probably stick with MyGlam a bit longer to see what happens.

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