Friday, April 6, 2012

I love Unicorn!!!

This polish was love at first swatch!  Corny, I know, but so true!  I have never been a fan of yellow polishes and only picked this one up because obviously I need a polish named "Unicorn", and also because Easter is so soon.  Since Unicorn is by Sinful Colors, this was only a $2 risk, no big deal.

Sinful Colors - Unicorn
Is this not the most perfect pastel yellow?!  It is so soft and creamy looking, I absolutely love it!  Formula wasn't bad at all, went on pretty smooth and even.  I used three coats in this picture, but two would be okay if you're not super sensitive about VNL like I am.  In my opinion, this polish is work appropriate which is always a bonus.  Its so refreshing to be able to wear something other than pinks and nudes to work.

After this swatch, I decided to add some other colors.  Didn't come out as awesome as I had hoped, but I will share it anyway!

 While I like the colors I used, the baby blue ("Jessica" by Julep) is just too thick to be layered over other polishes.  Oh well, I still thought it was kinda cute :)


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