Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sinful Colors Sheer Shimmer Collection

I recently picked up a couple polishes from Sinful Colors' spring Sheer Shimmer collection.  Despite the collection's name, these polishes really are not very sheer which makes me happy!  As much as I love pastel cremes in the spring time, I'm very pleased that these are subtle shimmers.

I absolutely love Flutter!  It's a soft pink with a delicate silver shimmer running through it- I've already worn this polish twice and I've only owned it for a week!  This is two coats.


Sweet Dreams strays from the typical baby blue often used for spring colors, and I'm loving it!  This polish has the same delicate silver shimmer as Flutter.  This is two coats.

Sweet Dreams
I love both of these so much that I may stop by Walgreens and pick up a few more from this collection- there was a coral and sunshine yellow that I passed up, as well as a few re-releases including Cinderella.

PS - The sun was in the early stages of setting when I took these photos, but the colors are still quite accurate :)


  1. OMG! Sweet dreams is gorgeous! I want it!!!!!

    1. Go get it!!! You may find it to be just slightly brighter in person, but not by much! You will love it :)

  2. Both these colors are gorgeous!!


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